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25, May, 2018 - Friday
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GATR Systems Privacy Policy

GATR Systems will never lend, sell, share, or otherwise make available your personal information
or any data without your permission, unless required by law, subpoenas, warrant, or court order.

We reserve the right to review your data for research, support, and resolving issues with the system.

This web site and the software we provide must not be used to carry out any illegal activity. We
are not responsible for any illegal activity conducted by users of this site. Tracking a person without
their consent is illegal in most states.

We have no responsibility or legal obligation to archive, store, maintain or provide access to user
or GPS data for any length of time. Although we will attempt to store data for a period of one month,
the oldest data stored on our servers will be destroyed based on the current server capacity.

When you visit this site, small data files called cookies are written to your computer. These files
are used to enhance your experience and are in no way harmful to your computer.

Electronic mail used in correspondence with us contains information that is not transmitted through
the operation of this web site and is not subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

By using this web site and software you agree not to sue us for any reason.