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25, May, 2018 - Friday
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What can GATR Systems do for you?

Parents and Family Parents and Family
Protect your family in emergency situations by pinpointing their location. Keep an eye on the whereabouts of the inexperienced and elderly drivers in your family to ensure their safety. Parents can know if their teenager is speeding or otherwise endangering themselves, passengers, and others on the road. If your teen gets in a wreck or runs out of gas, you can know their location!

Vehicle Security and Theft Prevention Vehicle Security and Theft Prevention
Safeguard your vehicle by installing a GATR Systems supported device. Receive up to the minute notifications, 24 hours a day on your vehicle's speed, heading, and location. Establish a perimeter around you car and received an alert when your vehicle leaves. Increase your chances of recovering your vehicle unharmed and enjoy the peace of mind by knowing where your vehicle is at all times.

Vehicle and Fleet Management Corporate and Government Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
GATR Systems can provide custom real-time tracking, recovery and management of personal, corporate and government fleets. Fleet management can improve productivity, reduce fuel expenses, prevent unauthorized use of vehicles, and promote scheduled maintenance.

What are some of companies that can benefit from using GATR Systems?

> Utility and Construction Companies

> Taxi and Car Rental Companies

> Uniform and Linen Services

> Food and Beverage Distributors

> Police, Fire, and Emergency Services

> Pest Management Services

> Landscaping and Irrigation Contractors

> Fuel, Oil, Chemical and Hazmat Haulers

> Street Sweepers and Snow Plow Services

> City, County and State Motor Pool Fleets

> Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Cable Contractors

> Delivery and Customer Installation Companies

What types of vehicles can be tracked by GATR Systems?

Big Image> Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles
> City, School and Church Buses
> Taxis, Limousines and Rental Vehicles
> Tractor Trailers, Dump Trucks, Snow Plows and Armoured Vehicles
> Construction Equipment Such As Dozers, Graders and Backhoes

How does a company benefit from using GATR Systems?

Some of the ways a company can benefit are:

> Keep track of the approximate speed of each vehicle and identify employees who exceed the limits
> Receive speed alarms through email or by text message alerting you quickly of unsafe driving practices
> Reduce accidents and lowers insurance premiums by promoting safe employee driving habits
> Elimination of driver logs allowing your employee to focus on more important tasks at hand
> Improve customer service by showing you which employee is closest to the client who just called
> Locate lost and stolen vehicles easily within minutes and expose unauthorized breaks
> Reduce fuel expenses, extend the life of your vehicles, and minimize abuse by managing vehicle speed
> Establish geographic fences and receive alarms when vehicles enter or leave these areas
> Provide customers precise arrival or delivery estimates, based upon the actual location of your vehicle
> Receive up to 30% discounts from many insurance companies for installing vehicle tracking systems
> Verify employees' overtime requests with actual overtime performed from the system
> Simplify asset management for the dispatcher by displaying everything on a single computer screen
> Elimination of unauthorized vehicle use after hours and on weekends for non-business purposes

Common Questions:

> Q: How does my customer benefit?

> A: Businesses can provide to their customers the precise arrival or delivery estimates based upon the actual location of the vehicle at the moment they inquire.

> Q: Can alarms be sent to my Blackberry or iPhone?
> A: GATR Systems will notify you by Email or text message allowing you to monitor activity while away from your desk.

> Q: Can I locate the closest vehicle to the customer?
> A: Yes. With GATR Systems its easy to see where all your vehicles are located in reference to a customer. Never again call an employee just to find out where they are!

> Q: What is the cost versus the gain?
> A: While some businesses can recover their entire investment at one time by locating a stolen vehicle, most companies see their return more gradually. Vehicle tracking helps you reduce operating costs and boost productivity. Tracking systems also remind you when it's time for preventive maintenance, like oil changes, helping you keep your vehicles on the road.

> Q: How does an employee benefit?

> A: Employees benefit when the companies vehicles are equipped with tracking devices. Hand-written driver logs are replaced with data from the tracking system. Each employee's productivity and performance can be quantified and compared more objectively. The dispatcher can look on a computer screen and locate all your vehicles immediately.

> Q: Is my employee enroute to the customer?
> A: GATR Systems allows geographic fences to be created around specific locations. Crossing this fence can trigger an alarm in the form of an email or text message to a manager. This alarm would indicate the time, vehicle, geographic fence, and if the vehicle was entering or leaving the location.


> Q: Can I tell who has been to the warehouse today?
> A: With history a trail of points can be displayed on the map, indicating the vehicle's route during a certain time period.
> Q: Will I know if an employee is moonlighting?
> A: You'll know quickly with GATR Systems, if your vehicle is being used without your authorization.